Sunday, April 15, 2018

iTovi scanner your personal product expert!

Have you ever wondered how people choose from the hundreds of essential oils daily what to use? 
As I got to know them, I got better and better listening to my body and go with my gut feelings and my needs for certain scents and what my mood was that day. 
The App and the book Modern Essentials hugely helped to target certain health issues. 
However, it all changed when I got a high tech pocket-sized tool called iTovi scan. This scanner helps you understand how your body responds to the products you use! Using scientific technology iTovi takes out the guessing of the growing world of essential oils and supplements.  So wether you are wanting to listen to your body's response or help others to understand their body's responses, the iTovi scanner is a perfect companion.

How does iTovi work?

Every biological or non-biological thing has a unique energy signature that vibrates at certain frequencies. A frequency is the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second, called an oscillation. iTOVi has measured and recorded each unique frequency of essential oils and supplements for each product company. Through the electrodes on the iTOVi scanner, these frequencies are sent into the skin, inducing a measurable response from the body.

Bioimpedance is a technology commonly used to measure body composition through resistance to electrical frequencies. During an iTOVi scan the device passes small electrical currents through the skin to measure the body’s resistance to frequencies, each of which is the natural energy signature of various supplements and oils. The passing of electrical frequencies induces a measurable response from the body which is then recorded and shown in the iTOVi report.


Bioimpedance relies on the body’s autonomic nervous system in order to elicit reactions. The autonomic nervous system is the body’s central command centre, connected to every other part of the body, and can be relied upon to give reactionary results. There are lots of ways to measure those results (i.e. blood pressure, blood flow, skin or body temperature, breathing patterns, eye dilation, sweat glands/skin moisture, etc.) One particular way to measure the reaction is the tissue will become more or less resistant to electrical current flow. Changes in temperature can also help us understand how the body reacts. During an iTOVi scan hundreds of frequencies are sent to the body, one at a time. The body has a unique reaction to each of these frequencies. As the body reacts to the electrical current flow, iTOVi measures these reactions.

As the iTOVi scan runs, your body will naturally react to frequencies and the scanner will record these changes, identifying supplements and essential oils that match. As the scan ends, these frequencies are recorded, analysed, and compiled into a personalised iTOVi report. Based on the information gathered during each session, the iTOVi App will recommend the oils or supplements to which your body had the strongest reactionary response. These recommendations are presented in your report, ordering each product by the strength of their reaction. Using the recommended oil or supplement will bring your body’s frequencies back to its optimal state.

It is incredible, how accurate this pocket-sized scanner is! For awhile, I was very sceptical and wanted to see if I can trust it. Every week I took out the oils I felt like using. Then I scanned myself. Every time, even if not the very same oil was recommended, the group, where the oil belonged and what it was used for was correct. For example, lemon instead of lime from the Citrus oils. stress. Serenity calming blend instead of Lavender Peace. 
It never suggested oils that were not for stress, calming, energising or for MS. I still have fun testing my scanner. When I scan a new client, I always investigate their background and what they need help with and establish what oils would be the best to start with. Then, I scan them. It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the report is and how follow up scans point us to the right direction with products. 

My latest scan result is here as an example to show you what the report looks like. It could not be more spot on with Restful Blend Serenity or Lavender Peace as called in Australia being the No 1 most important product for me to get more sleep, rest, de-stress and relax. I have a diffuser in my bedroom now and that is the blend I use the most!

Reassuring blend, Peace, is my most commonly used roll on that I just got recently and had quite an issue with it for awhile as I did not like its smell. But I needed it badly so I kept using it every night before going to bed. Now I am OK with it and the change that it has made to my nights was worth it!

Fennel on this report is interesting as it is part of the blend that I use every morning, DigestZen, to help with digestive issues. Makes perfect sense again!

My iTovi scanner is the best tool to set up a new client, to select starting products for a new Wellness Advocate and a business building tool for my team. I scan myself every week to stay on the right track with my health improvement. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Why we should smell the roses

In his article Art Chester lists twenty-five senses. His thoughts are definitely worth considering. Here is a little introduction to get you on the right track.

"Science Fact: The five senses bring the world into our awareness. But who decided there were five senses, anyway?

Five Senses. In Western culture many things we think we “know” often come from ancient Greece. Sure enough, Aristotle, who has been called the “first genuine scientist,” enumerates the same five senses that we know: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Yet the Greeks were not fixed on the number five: Aristotle sometimes leaned toward four senses, taking taste to be merely a form of touch; and his teacher Plato instead rattled off an impressive list of at least eight senses: hearing, sight, smell, sense of heat and cold, pleasure, pain, desire, and fear.

Nevertheless, five senses are engrained in our thinking. Perhaps because we can easily associate a physical structure (eye, ear, nose, tongue, hand) with each one. Perhaps because five senses were a frequent theme in Medieval and Renaissance art. Perhaps because the most casual search turns up mountains of hits on the subject of five senses, ranging from scientific discussions, to products and services, to metaphorical and poetic works.

Six Senses. When people speak of a “sixth sense” it’s as if they are talking about a third eye, or a fourth dimension, or a fifth cardinal direction – it’s shorthand for some mysterious way of knowing things that we wouldn’t normally expect to know. Advocates of extrasensory abilities such as telepathy would propose ESP as a sixth sense. However, even before the ancient Greeks, Buddhism counted six senses by including the mind as a sense organ. And the mind is about as mysterious as you can get!

Seven Senses. As Charles South pointed out in a note to me, we don’t have to get esoteric to justify more than five senses. Balance, the ability to sense and adjust to gravity and to perceive acceleration, is a fundamental sense throughout the animal kingdom. After all, knowing which way is up and being able to stay on one’s feet is necessary to find food or a mate, and to avoid becoming some other creature’s lunch." The Senses: Sixth, Seventh and Secret Written by Art Chester, US Scientist and author

Some of our senses are overstimulated nowadays and others are under stimulated. Our smell is one of the senses that is exposed to a lot of scents but we don't consciously work to improve it and to use it for our health benefit. Pleasant smells like the smell of delicious food, a scent of a lovely bouquet or inhaling the many perfumes of plants and flowers when walking in the forest are extremely invigorating and pleasant. However, many times our sense if exposed to pollution and unpleasant smells that we don't even realise how badly effects us and our mood or how it makes us sick even. We just take it for granted that this is how our life is in the city. However, there is a simple solution!

When a few months ago I started to use essential oils I became extremely curious how oils work and what is the benefit of using them by inhalation, topically or by ingesting them. Everyone knows that essential oils are pretty things that smell great although many people do not like to inhale them. Especially men have been conditioned not to enjoy nice smell or use essential oils. Definitely not in Australia. 

While in Europe wearing a perfume is a common thing and is part of being well-groomed, in Australia it is less of a part of the culture. At work places wearing perfume or after shave is almost discouraged because of the many people with allergies. 

We all know that the French were the leaders of using essential oils and creating perfumes. With that the scent and the health benefit got separated. There is a rediscovery of essential oils and their health benefits happening right now. There is an essential oils revolution taking place! People are returning to these gifts of nature and turning away from synthetic drugs that don't assimilate in our body and create toxins. 

People are taking back their power from the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies. Knowledge, that once was common knowledge and was passed in families faded away in some cultures. For little things like cold or headache people did not pop a pill or take antibiotics every time used natural remedies that they had in their cabinets. 

One of the simplest and easiest way to elevate your and your family's mood, to remove unpleasant odours and even viruses, to enliven the air in your home and to protect the health of your loved one is by diffusing essential oils. You only need a few basic oils to deal with most common things in your home and to make an improvement in your health. 

These ten very handy essential oils are: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary, thyme, lemon and clove.  

In another blog article I will detail the benefits of these ten oils. 

Now, I would like to introduce you to the pathway of the essential oils in our body when we inhale them!

1. Olfactory bulb, structure located in the forebrain of vertebrates that receives neural input about odours detected by cells in the nasal cavity. The axons of olfactory receptor (smell receptor) cells extend directly into the highly organised olfactory bulb, where information about odours is processed.

2. Midbrain
The function of the midbrain, or mesencephalon, is to control an individual's hearing, motor control, vision, arousal and temperature regulation. In addition, the midbrain also controls a person's sleep and awake cycle. (

The various functions which involve brainstem mechanism are controlling the respiratory muscles, controlling the vocal cords enabling a person to phonate, controlling pharyngeal, oral as well as nasal passages that are known to cause resonance effect and controlling the palate, tongue, lips and mandible which are involved in articulation control. These all functions are controlled by midbrain periqueductal gray and the cranial nerves 12, 10, 9, 5 & 7. The coordinated activities of laryngeal and oral facial tissues are controlled by the midbrain periaqueductal gray due to which it has control over the way we laugh and cry. 
That is the reason why even if the remaining brain is dead, a person can still laugh and cry. Monamine neurotransmitters are manufactured by midbrain’s nuclei and neurons which are called as dopamine or DA and this DA is more profusely produced inside the midbrain substantia nigra as well as the tegmentum. This Dopamine plays an important role in motor and cognition functioning and the DA transmitter system disturbances are correlated with the development of Parkinson’s disease as well as psychotic abnormalities. (

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Eucalyptus Oil - Australia's Natural Wonder

Contrary to popular belief, the leaves used to produce eucalyptus oil are not the same leaves that koalas eat. Koalas are fussy: from the 850 pieces of eucalypt that exist in Australia they will eat four or five, none of which produce eucalyptus oil used commercially.

Tips to use eucalyptus oil:

  • Vacuum cleaner - a few drops on the filter of the vacuum cleaner and the same in clothes dryer. The warm air sends a lovely eucalyptus aroma through the house. 
  • Central heating and air conditioning - wash filters in soapy water then rinse with clean water and put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the filter. 
  • Ceiling fans - clean the fan from built up dirt and dust

  • Whiteboards - use a few drops of oil and wipe clean with a damp cloth. It removes permanent texta marks. 
  • Child care centres - damp oily cloth removes daily grime of paint and play
  • Office or workplace - computer keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, tools can be cleaned from germs and bacteria
  • Pain brushes - oil paints brushes can be restored by soaking them into in diluted eucalyptus oil. 
  • Chewing gum - harden gum with ice (in a plastic bag) then scrape it off. Apply oil and use a rubbing motion to remove the remaining residue. Excellent for removing chewing gum from hair painlessly and effectively. 
  • Craft, gunk and glue remover - an excellent solvent, oil on a cloth quickly removes spill and blobs where you don't want them. Also useful for cleaning gunk from craft tools, including scissors and blades. Removes permanent marker and adhesive labels. 

  • Natural insect repellent around the home
  • Possum repellent - a rag soaked in eucalyptus oil and left in the roof keeps the possums from nesting there. Re-soak rag from time to time. 
  • Cockroaches -Keep a cloth sprinkled with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the cupboard where you see them. Repeat once a week. Keep one under the refrigerator to keep them away. If you see lots of cockroaches place the open bottle in the place so the fumes of the eucalyptus oil can repel them. 
  • Garbage bins
  • Garden equipments and tools
  • Re-potting of plants - to save plants from bacteria, wash in hot soapy water with a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Rinse pot throughout with clean water. 
  • Barbeques
  • Sports equipment- Wipe down the outside of the equipment using a cloth moistened with eucalyptus oil to help remove any marks. It helps to sterilise. 
  • Car interiors - Keeps the car, smells very good.
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dry body brushing with essential oils

Dry body brushing has been along for a very long time.  It is a well-known natural health practice and is practiced in many traditional cultures around the world.

Think of the Finnish sauna traditions that go back to 7000 BC.  The sauna customs of the forefathers of the Finns was written by the Nestor the Chronicler in 1112.  

He told of “hot wooden saunas in which naked bathers beat themselves with branches and finally pour cold water over themselves.”

Bathing culture has been around similarly in the European countries for thousand years.  You will find magnificent bathing houses in Turkey, Hungary, GRB and many-many countries around the world.  Sophisticated beauty routines using natural ingredients has been documented for centuries.

Flagellation (Latin flagellum, "whip"), flogging, whipping or lashing is the act of beating the human body with special implements such as whips, lashes, rods, switches, etc.  Typically, flogging is imposed on an unwilling subject as a punishment; however, it can also be submitted to willingly, or performed on oneself, in religious or sadomasochistic contexts as Wikipedia explains.

The strokes are usually aimed at the unclothed back of a person, in certain settings it can be extended to other corporeal areas.  For a moderated subform of flagellation, described as bastinado, the soles of a person's bare feet are used as a target for beating (see foot whipping). 

The purpose of these ceremonies might be different but they all share something in common.  Purifying the body and the soul.  For health reasons or for punishment, the need to initiate changes in the body and soul is the need for such actions.  To purify, detox, eliminate, remove, to get rid of things in the body and the soul that don't serve us well. 

How deep we want to go and how big change we want to induce it all depend on what result we want. 

Dry body brushing is a simple health practice that anyone can practice at home before taking a shower.  No flagellation needed to get great results!  Dry body brushing offers amazing benefits, especially when combined with essential oils! 

Benefits include:
  • exfoliating, removing old, dead skin from the back and the rest of the body
  • increases circulation
  • reduces cellulite
  • smoother younger looking skin
  • improves fascia and reduces inflammation in the system that can be the cause of chronic pain, MS, fibromyalgia and different mysterious aches and pains (personal experience)
  • detoxifies the lymphatic system
  • energizes you and makes you feel alive
  • reduces depression
  • improves sleep
Using natural plants bristle brush is a must.  You don't want to scratch your skin with synthetic brush.  A brush with a long handle so you can reach your back is crucial.  Our spine is the most important as it carries the nervous system.  The Central Nervous System (CNS) controls most functions of the body and mind.  It consists of two parts: the brain and the spinal cord.  To keep your spine healthy and flexible so your CNS can operate to its best capacity is vital for good health. Stimulating it daily will assist your whole nervous system.  Especially, when we spend so much time inactive and sitting. 

Starting the day with a good refreshing dry body brushing then jumping in the shower to have a warm shower to wash off all the dead cells you brushed away gets the circulation and your Central Nervous System going.  Make sure that you finish your shower with cold water!  This is absolutely crucial for a great health routine!  Just gradually turn the hot water lower, then wait, get used to it, then turn it off more, then wait, get used to it etc.  Then you will see, standing under the cold shower is really not that big deal. 

Training your body to get used to this routine of dry brushing with a few drops of essential oil on the brush followed by warm shower followed by cold shower will become your best friend.  Especially in summer, it is sensational!  If you live with Multiple Sclerosis or chronic pain this will bring your back to life and will tremendously help you reduce your heat sensitivity. 

What oils to use on the brush?
I have tried and love many. I used doTerra oils for quality like Lemon, Wild Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Litsea, Siberian Fir, Thyme, Cypress, Coriander, Cilantro, Ginger, Peppermint, Lavender, etc, you name it I tried and all work!

My most favourites and the ones I would highly recommend, other than the one I will detail here next are these:
On Guard blend to build your immune system in seasons of cold and flue when everyone is sick around you. 
Slim & Sassy blend (Smart & Sassy in Aus) to shape up, loose weight and get more energy for the day.
Breathe (Easy Air in Aus) for allergies, sinus issues and respiratory problems or when you go to work out! It will increase your breathing capacity and help performance. 

However, when someone suggested to try Zendocrine that is a doTerra blend for detoxification and it is The Oil of Vitality and Detoxification according to the book called Emotions & Essential Oils, everything has changed.  Zendocrine has Tangerine Peel, Rosemary Leaf, Geranium Flower/Leaf, Juniper Berry, Cilantro Herb essential oils in it. 

Common Primary Uses according to Modern Essentials is for endocrine support and hormonal balance.  This blend also assists healthy tissue function.  You can diffuse this oil blend, inhale the aroma directly from the bottle or by putting a drop or two on your palm, rub your palms then cup your palms around your nose and inhale the aroma, rub, inhale, rub, inhale.  You also can massage on the bottoms of your feet neat or with a little carrier oil.

Emotionally, this blend assists during times of transition and change.  It can assist an individual in "detoxing" old habits and limiting beliefs.  When you feel trapped by self-sabotaging behaviours, Zendocrine paves the way for new life experiences.  It aids in letting go of behaviours, thought patterns and feelings that don't serve you well any more.  Zendocrine is especially helpful during major life changes which require adjustments in habit and lifestyle, such as alternating diet, quitting smoking, moving house, changing city or country or leaving a job or a bad relationship. 

Zendocrine reawakens vital life energy and helps finding new enthusiasm for life.  Makes you see life from a fresh perspective and embrace new experiences. 

Try dry body brushing with Zendocrine and watch your life change!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Essential oils are here to teach us a lesson

My doTerra essential collection is my greatest treasures.  Until I started on oils I thought that my piano was my greatest treasure and nothing ever will change that.  How wrong was I!

I have been using oils for close to two years and they have truly changed my life physically, mentally,  energetically, emotionally and spiritually.  They changed for the better.

I like to learn about them, watch the best people talk about oils and I educate people about how they can live a life closer to nature and use these lifelines of plants to bring us back to life, be more vibrant, energetic, loving and more be part of this wonderful life on Earth.

When people touch the oil bottles little they know what the expect.  They have little understanding and little respect for these oils.  They are impatient.  They shake, touch, violate these oils instead of approaching with curiosity and patience.

These oils have personalities, they have their own characters, they have their own nature and speed. They are like a child. They grow and change.  Like a little puppy, they will love you unconditionally if you let them.  They are like a beautiful flower, they will blossom when they come in contact with you.  They are like the best lover you had.

When you touch the bottle, take it in your hand and look at it's label, check the colour on the label, it has a significance what colour group the label is.  Feel the energy of the bottle in your hand and let it synchronise with your energy and frequency.  Let it warm to you. Let it entrain to your rhythm or your body to the oil's rhythm.  Feel it, smell it, touch it, look at it before you open it.

Then, let the magic happen and open the lid but still, just feel it, smell it. Do not put your finger to the spout. Do not shake and turn the bottle up side down. Get to know each other.  Like a beautiful creature that you don't want to frighten away. You just want to observe and admire in its own environment. No guns, no thumping, no shouting. Become one with its environment so you can observe long.

If you want to get to know your oil closer, tilt it to an angle with your other palm or finger being under it.  Don't be impatient, don't shake the oil so it would drop faster and don't put your finger to the spout.  Just observe how thin or thick the oil is, is it running fast or slow, is it oozing with aroma right away or it takes time to reveal itself?  Knowing your oils will help you choose the right one for the occasion.

Sometimes you need to be energised so you will select something that is fast and highly energising like Peppermint. Other times you need something that is slow, rich, thick and has immense depth and the scent will reveal itself in layers, gradually with time like Myrrh.

Using essential oils teaches so much about them, about where they come from, about the life those plans/herbs, flowers, seeds lived. They have a lesson to teach us with every drop we use, with every inhale we take.

Sometimes the oil you hate the most at first has the biggest lesson to teach you.  Sometimes the oil that we resist the most is the oil that will help us the most.  Don't be judgemental about a scent.  Be open minded like we should be with people.  Don't judge too fast.  When you get to know someone, when you hear their story, when you learn what made them who they are and get to walk in their shoes you can't hate or dislike them anymore.  There is a story behind every single person.  There is a story behind every single oil.  That's why most oil lovers have quite a great collection. It is great to have a few basic oils but just as you don't want to eat the same food every day, not even your favourite ones or you don't want to be surrounded with the same people every day, the same applies to oils.  There will be oils that you want to use every day because they work and your love them.  And there will be oils that you will rarely touch.  But when you feel the need to use them, they will take you a special journey. They will take you to a far away country, show you landscapes, animals, birds, plants, climate you have never seen. They will introduce you to people you would have never met any otherwise.  They will make you dream dreams you would have never ever had any other way. These oils will transform you as a person you would have never ever would have become.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cypress - The Oil of Motion and Flow

This powerful oil creates energetic flow and emotional catharsis. Stagnant energies are brought into motion through the fluid energy of this oil. Cypress works in the heart and the mind, creating flexibility.

Cypress teaches the soul how to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life. This oil is especially indicated for individuals who are mentally or emotionally stuck, stiff, rigid, tense, over-striving, or have perfectionist tendencies. This hard-driving stems from fear and the need to control. The individual tries to force things in life rather allowing them to unfold naturally.

Cypress encourages individuals to cast aside their worries and let go of control so they can enjoy the thrill that comes from being alive. It reminds individuals that “damnation” is simply the discontinuation of growth and development, and invites them to step out of the way and allow life to flow freely or without compulsion. Cypress shows how to have perfect trust in the flow of life.

Negative emotions: Controlling, fear, perfectionism, rigidity, stuck, tense
Positive emotions: Flexible, trust, flowing with life, adaptable, emotional growth

Benefits of the oil and common uses: Aneurysm, bone spurs, bunions, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, catarrh, concussion, dysmenorrhea, edema, endometriosis, environmental stress, flu, greasy-oily hair, hemorrhoids, hernia, incontinence, Lou Gehrig disease, lymphatic decongestant, menopause, muscle fatigue, muscle tone, chronic pain, preeclampsia, prostatitis, Raynaud’s disease, retina strengthening, rheumatoid arthritis, skin revitalizing, stroke, swollen eyes, toxemia, tuberculosis, varicose vein.

(Uses vary from diffusing to applying oil topically so please check instructions for dilution and method of application)

Properties: antibacterial, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, mucolytic, antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, diuretic, lymphatic and prostate decongestant, refreshing and relaxing and vasoconstricting.

The Chinese valued cypress for its benefits to the liver and to the respiratory system.

Cypress Oil promotes vitality and energy. It is a popular oil to diffuse during times of transition and loss.

  • Prior to a long run, apply to feet and legs for an energising boost.
  • Apply two to three drops to chest before gardening to promote vitality and energy.
  • Diffuse with Lime essential oil for an invigorating scent.
  • Mix together Cypress and Grapefruit essential oil with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for an invigorating massage. 
  • Add one to two drops to toner to help improve the appearance of oily skin. 

Directions for Use
  • Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.
  • Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimise any skin sensitivity.
Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

On the personal note, I love having foot bath a few times a week using Epsom Salt for magnesium intake, a few drops of olive oil for moisturising my feet and a few drops of essential oils, whatever I feel like. Cypress oil would have not been my choice normally for my foot bath but since I read these benefits, I religiously put a few drops in my foot bath! Just recently I invested in a proper foot bath instead of using a plastic tub. The best investment!
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Chakras First Aid

Originating from Sanskrit, chakra means “wheel” by association with its function as a vortex of spinning energy interacting with various physiological and neurological systems in the body. Chakras are energy centres within the human energy body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. Chakras also store our karma. We can commonly count at least 7 chakras positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, that is depicted through a specific chakra colour, and governs specific functions that help make you, well, human. 

When your chakras are in balance, life is flowing, it's easy. When your chakras are under or over functioning, there are obvious external and internal signs that even someone just observing you can tell if they are familiar with chakra functions. 

For example, frequent constipation can indicate a blockage in the first chakra. A recurring sore throat leaves clues to a blocked Throat chakra. Frequent headaches around the area of the forehead may mean your Third Eye chakra is blocked.

Another example. When someone's Throat Chakra is under functioning, the chin is down and the collar bones collapsed. Her self-acceptance and self-knowledge is damaged. She is an introvert and find difficult to express herself. She is secretive, is hiding from the world and frequently feels shame. Instead of following her calling, she sacrifices herself for others (partner, children, family). 
The person speaks in a husky and shy voice, mostly uncomfortable speaking up in front of people and expressing herself. 

On the other hand, when a person has an overactive Throat Chakra, his chin is high and has a big ego. He likes to speak a lot, mostly without substance and about things unrelated to the discussion. He enjoys his own voice and likes to be listened to. Loves giving advice and knows it all about life and the world. He has a big ego and is an exhibitionist when it comes to communication. When he speaks he is loud and talks a lot. 
As the Throat Chakra is not only about communication but Truth too, you can expect the truth to be withheld by a person who has an under-active Throat Chakra and the truth to be bended by someone, who has an over-active Throat Chakra. 

A person with a healthy functioning Throat Chakra will have a healthy voice and uses a volume that is suitable to the audience and the circumstances, will tell the truth and when he speaks, he will only speak when asked or has something substance to contribute to the discussion. He follows his chosen path in life and fulfils his mission.

There is an invisible energy, called Prana, that circulates in our body and keeps us alive, vibrant and healthy. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Since everything is moving, it’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow.

Keeping a chakra open is a bit more of a challenge, but not so difficult when you have awareness. Since mind, body, soul, and spirit are intimately connected, awareness of an imbalance in one area will help bring the others back into balance. Take for example, a wife, who has recently lost her husband. She develops acute bronchitis, which remains in the chest, and then gets chest pains each time she coughs. The whole heart chakra is affected in this case. If she realises the connection between the loss and the bronchitis, healing will occur much faster if she honours the grieving process and treats that as well as the physical ailment.

The clearer and more energised your chakras are, the more clear and energised your energetic system is, the freer you can live your life in the world, the more connected you are to the Universe, the more you can live your life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally on a wider scale. 

There are a few, very simple things you can do to keep your chakras in balance daily. 

1. Breathing deeply. There are some yoga breathing exercises called pranayamas that help to cleanse the chakras and keep them energised. 

2. Essential oils can lift your mood and balance your chakras. Different oils will influence different chakras, different organs and take your mood in a different direction. Sometime you will feel like you need a mood lift but other times you might need a calming oil or something to help you focus. They can do a lot for you!
Just in case you want to get some of these blends or other doTerra products, please visit ID: 3424449, where you will have a chance to order oils or even to become a member to get products on wholesale price and build your own business if you like. 

3. Listen to chakra balancing music that is written in a special musical language and in tuning with a healing effect. This is a very powerful music, don't be fooled! It speaks to your body and to your chakras. Please don't be surprised if you feel your body tingling, notice nerve twitching, release of access electric charges or just feel nice and relax, sleep better and start breathing deeply. You can listen to this music while in bed before falling asleep, first thing in the morning or during the day while working or need a little rest. Use it as a background music for children or while they are studying. You will notice some difference if you use it regularly! You or the children might even notice some symptoms of detoxing. 

Do not underestimate how simple, little things can influence your day, your mood and your health. The body can take a lot. However, it is far too late when the body starts to show signs of physical illness and shows up on your medical tests. 

There are signs that you notice much earlier and if you pay attention, you easily can reverse these signs before they turn into bigger problems. Your chakras are not on the horizon of Western Medical Profession. That does not mean that they don't exist and you should neglect them! The more attuned you become with your chakras, the more you will notice what they do, how they respond and how to keep them happy!